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PEARL JAM. RARITIES. Various live performances from 1992-3, audience recordings for most if not all, Sound quality varies. Includes covers of "Baba O'Reilly," "Light My Fire," "My Generation," and "Roadside Blues."

PEARL JAM. MTV UNPLUGGED. The 8 Cuts from the TV show in fine sound quality.

PEARL JAM. SELF POLUTION RADIO SHOW. JANUARY 8, 1995. Nice single disc of the band's musical performances during that promotional radio broadcast. A+ sound.

PEARL JAM. MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE...IT'S PEARL JAM (2). Rocking a little harder, this one is a soundboarder from Hartford, Connecticut on October 2, 1996. Quite a groovy version of "Not For You" with an Eddie monologue at mid song.

PEARL JAM. NOVEMBER 3, 1996. (2). Berlin, Germany. Great stuff. Setlist only.

PEARL JAM. MARCH 5, 1998. Melbourne, Australia. Another clean show - all of the Pearl Jam shows were well taped and have nearly equally fantastic sound quality.

PEARL JAM. JULY 22, 1998. (2) Recorded in their hometown of Seattle. Excellent sounding show.

PEARL JAM. SEPTEMBER 16, 1998. (2) Great Woods, Mansfield, Massachusetts. THis set will erase any doubts you may have about Eddie & friends. They are the premier rock band of the 90's still standing. Soundboard recording with crystal clear sound. I was actually at this show, but wasn't involved with the taping (Mutual funds & piracy don't mix). Begins with Eddie doing a surpise song solo before the opening act. Homemade artwork.