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BOB DYLAN -1990's

TOAD'S PLACE VOLUME 1 & 2. (4) From the legendary club gig in which Bob plays and plays and plays. Incredible set list of unusual and oft bizare songs. The taper caught this enthusiastic crowd well, but not the music. Partial artwork.

CRITICS CHOICE VOLUMES 1 & 2. (2) The rarely performed songs from his February 1990 gigs at the
Hammersmith Odean in the U.K.

THOSE WERE THE DAYS (5). A complete collection of the Hammersmith Residency, all individually
packaged in artwork similar to old Apple label. A ton of amazing stuff from a great audience recording, I
even enjoy the enthusiastic screams of the audience.

STAYING HERE WITH YOU (2) February 9, 1990 - that's right more from the Hammersmith Odeon, this in terrific sound quality and selection. Plenty of Oh Mercy tracks and an oh so rare "You Angel You."

THANK YOU EV'RYBODY. Nice selections from his October 13-19, 1980 stand at the Beacon Theatre in NYC.

JOHN COLTRANE MASTERPIECES (2) January 31, 1991 in Brussels. Bob was mired in his groggy who gives a shit mode at this point. A couple of nice spots here and there.

ANSWER ME. (2) October 31, 1991. Bob's voice is hurtin', but a worthwhile set still. Opens with a rare (and
startingly unsuccessful) version of "New Morning."

MADISON '91. November 5, 1991. Not terribly inspiring, but still enjoyable. Good sound

PARADISE, HAWAIIAN STYLE. (2) April 24, 1992 with a bunch of bonus tracks from Toronto, August 18,
1992. You don't need to hear the miserable version of "Mr Tambourine Man." You don't need to hear Bob forget the words to "The Times They are a Changing." There are some positive moments among the other tracks.

MAY 4, 1992. (2) A tad murky without much seperation, but still okay. Bob must have been saving his
energy for later.

SAN JOSE REVISITED. May 9, 1992. An incredible set of 15 songs much reworked. An inspired night and
we got the disc.

TANGLED UP IN BLUE. (2) From his show a few nights later in San Francisco. Good recording throughout.

FRIEND OF THE DEVIL (2) Acceptable audience recording from August/September, 1992. Rare cuts:
"Under the Red Sky," "Idiot Wind," "If Not For You." A real good performance that the recording quality
did not match.

BOBFEST REHEARSALS. (2) The various artists are practicing for the big night, lots of turning and chat if
you are into that. Consists of multiple takes of each song, Bob is on only three. Not something I listen to much, but still glad I own.

IN THE GARDEN (2). Few differences from the official release though it contains "Song for Woody" which
was declared to be lost due to technical difficulties. I guess the bootleggers had better equipment.

LUCKY 13. Cool variety of under performed songs from 1993 like "Series of Dreams," "You're Gonna Quit
Me," "God Knows."

TOMORROW NIGHTS. (2) Culled from the Feburary/1993 shows at the Hammersmith Apollo. Good
audience recording with lots of harmonica.

APOLLO LANDING (2) Same show as above, but with different bonus tracks. There may be some difference in sound quality, but I need to spend a little more time on it.

SHADOWS IN THE SOUNDS(2) Febuary 16, 1993 in Holland. Good.

THE NEVER ENDING TOUR FEATURING LIZ SIOUSSI. (2) February 17, 1993. Has got a hysterical "We Want Bob" chant before the encores. An acceptable audience recording without any real surprises. Don't know how Liz fits in.

FEBRUARY 18, 1993. (2) Superb. Blasts off with Johnny Cash's "Folsum Prinson Blues" and comes to a magnificent close with "It Ain't Me, Babe." Maybe the greatest live version of "Mr. Tambourine Man."

HARD TIMES IN MARSEILLE (2). June 29, 1993. Excellent show with some amazing playing by the band and a couple of killer harmonica solos. A 12 1/2 minute "Shelter from the Storm."

GREAT WOODS (2) September 13, 1993. Crystal clear soundboad boot - strong night. Nice to get a rare "One More Cup of Coffee."

FIRST SUPPER (2) November 16, 1993. The first night of the gigs in NYC. The sound quality of the audience taping grows on you with time, but Dylan & the band were in PEAK form that night. When will Columbia released the actional tapes? We've gotten a couple of songs in perfect sound quality in the From the vaults collection.

SECOND SUPPER. (2) The next night and again Bobby is sensational with the sound quality not doing the performance justice.

HIGHWAY OF DIAMONDS. VOLUME 2 - TV PERFORMANCES 93-97. Nicely chosen single disc consiting of the UK Prince's Trust concert, the Pope Gig and other assorted one shoters. Not bad if you don't have the material elsewhere.

BREAKFAST IN YOKOHAMA. (2) February 7, 1994
LUNCH IN TOKYO. (2) February 9, 1994
DINNER IN OSAKA (2) February 12, 1994 Okay recordings of Bob's swing through Japan. Has some nice moments, but I think some of the other 1994 shows are better.

EXCLUSIVE SERIES '94. From the July European swing, nice collection of sgons with consistantly high sound quality.

NAPOLEAN IN RAGS (2) The first disc consists of the July 3, 1994 show with the 2nd containing various European shows. A hit & miss affair throughout, though the hits are extraordinary. Good sound quality throughout and maybe my favorite version of "My Back Pages."

THE WIENER CLUB OF SPAULDING (2) July 15, 1994. Nice show albeit without surprises. Good quality and good performance thoughout. Now there's a club I'll join, Groucho.

JOKERMAN. Collection of his Eastern European tour songs from the Summer of 1994. Recording quality is pretty good, the vocals are upfront (and energetic), but the band is not mixed in quite well. Bizare cover art.

WOODSTOCK 1994. (2) The complete Woodstock show in high quality. That was the Woodstock without the riot.

BLUE EYED BOSTON BOY. (2) October 8, 1994 in Boston with a couple of fillers from his stand at the Orpheum. It was during these shows that I caught the Dylan bug. I've been living in a Dylan crazed insanity ever since.

ALL ALONG THE ROSELAND (2) October 14,1994 in NYC. High recomendation on this one with guest shots from Springsteen & Neil Young. Staggering!

HIMSELF. (2) November/1994 in Youngstown, Ohio (I've been there it ain't pretty). Terrific show - great song selection. Difficult art to copy due to configuration.

COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED (2). November 17 & 18, 1994. The complete and unedited MTV tapings are a fascinating listen. Here in all it's glory with a false start or two are some terrific performances not included in the commercial product. Michael Gray aside, I think it was an exceptionably enjoyable performance.

DYLAN GETS TO THE POINT. (2). Recorded in Dublin in 1995, great set with appearances from Carole King, Van Morrison & Elvis Costello. Two discs of good stuff.

DOWN IN THE FLOOD. March 15, 1995 in Aschaffenburg. Sweet sounding single discs with terrific sound throughout. Hysterical cover art of a cartoon penguin band playing.

WITH ONE HAND WAVING FREE (2) March 20, 1995 in Utrecht. Nice double set with a number of highlights.

BRIXTON BLUES (2) Spring 1995. Dylan was playing longer, bluesy, drawn out versions of songs during this period. Guests include: Chrissie Hynde, Elvis Costello and Carole King. Final 2 tracks have glitches.

SKIPPIN' REELS OF RHYME (2). March 29 & 30, 1995 at the Brixton Academy. No real surprises in song selection, but a great listen.

F*** THE PLAYLIST. (2) Same show as above. No artwork.

GERMANY SUMMER TOUR. 1995. VOLUME 2. (2) Good audience recordings from the June 8, 10 & 12 shows in Germany. I particularly like "Shooting Star" in Volume 1, but there are plenty of highlights.

REVISITING AUTOBAHN '95. Compilation of songs of his June swing through Germany. While the cover art indicates soundboard it sounds more like high quality audience recordings to me. Strange & nice to hear an electrified "Tangled."

EXCLUSIVE SERIES '95 Collection of various performances including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shows.

EVERY NIGHT ABOUT THIS TIME. May 17, 1995. Perfect sound from the soundboard. Sweet show.

LAGUNA '95 (2) Same show as above with 2 songs that were left off of the other. No artwork.

GUIDED BY THE ETERNAL LIGHT (2). The bulk again a soundboard from the same show, but this one has a nice set of bonus tracks from other May and June shows. Have the nice artwork on this one. This is the superior of the trio.

THE PEDLAR NOW SPEAKS (2). June 21, 1995. Frankly a revalation this one. Spectacular sound quality, performance and song selection. How about a real slow "License to Kill" or an equally slow and reworked "Shelter from the Storm?" Contains 6 bonus tracks from the next night. High recommendation!

SALT FOR SALT (2). June 29, 1995 in Oslo, Norway. Terrific sound throughout. Good one.

PLEDGING MY TIME (2) October 26, 1995 in Bloomington with bonus tracks from the Sinatra Tribute and Rock and Roll Hall of fame shows. Superb.

PARADISE REGAINED. (2) December 17, 1995. From the tour with Patti Smith whom they duet on "Dark Eyes." Lots of extended jams and harmonica here. Got a nice looong and slow version of "Tangled."

THE MAINE EVENT (3) Generous triple set from Zim's 3 nighter at the Portland State Theatre April 19-21, 1996. Compiler wisely allowed for no repetition of track selection. A real pleasure.

SOUL (2) June 17, 1996. One of the very best audience recorded boots that I have ever heard. Sensational set with strong vocals througout. Particularly dig "Friend of the Devil" and "Queen Jane Approximately." Had been searching for this one for awhile and was well worth the wait. B/W Art.

ESCAPING ON THE RUN. VOLUME 1. (2) June 20, 1996
ESCAPING ON THE RUN. VOLUME 2. (2) June 21, 1996 Nice performance and a real good audience recordings. Love these mid summer European shows in '96.

SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE... (2) June 22, 1996 Terrific performance that summer and another good audience recording.

YOU MAY CALL ME ZIMMY. (2) June 24, 1996. Bob's stop in Luxemburg. "Visions of Johanna" - oh yes.

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. (2) June 27, 1996 in Liverpool. Missing the artwork, but don't miss the show. Fabulous again.

ALWAYS ON MY MIND. VOLUME 2. July 3, 1996. The first 10 tracks from that night performed well and sounding great.

EYES OF THE IDOL. (2) July 12, 1996 in Magdeburg, Germany. Terrific sound throughout and an incredible version of "Gates of Eden" that I still can't get out of my head. Lots and lots of glorious harmonica. A+. High recommendation.

CHRISTIANA (4) July 23 & 24, 1996 in Copenhagen. Another amazing performance with only a few songs that overlap from the 2 nights. A tour de force, essential boot.

NORTH WIND BLOWING (2) July 28, 1996. Nice packaging for this sparkling set. Splendid.

HOUSE OF THE BLUES (2) August 8, 1996. Grand show with an inspired performance by our fearless leader. Standard set list, but carried by a great performance and sound quality. B/W art. I think there is a video of this show floating around.

I'VE GOT A SONG TO SING. Great collection of 1996 performances. One advantage to these types of discs is they containt unusual tracks and this is no exception. You get a nice "This Wheel's On Fire," "Seven Days," "Pretty Peggy-O" etc. Terrific sound quality all.

TAILGATES & SUBSTITUTES. (2) January 10 & February 10, 1997 at Bournemouth International Centre. Dylan sounds a might groggy throughout these audience recordings, while it ain't bad, it just never grabbed me. Still enjoyable, but not nearly as essential to own as others around this time.

NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS HERE'S BOB DYLAN. (2) March 10, 1997 at Cardiff International Arena. Lots of Bucky Baxter (enjoying retirement?) steel guitar. Nice show with artwork in the style of the Sex Pistols album.

THE WICKED MESSENGER (3) April 19, 1997. Smashing triple set with the third disc consisting of bonus tracks from other dates that spring. Some amazing performances and consistantly superior sound throughout.

BATHED IN A STREAM OF PURE HEAT (2) A brilliantly sequenced set of songs from the spring tour. How about the rare "Shooting Star" and "Wicked Messenger?"

1997 ACOUSTIC COMPILATION (3) A beautiful selection of outstanding performances. Bravo.

CAN'T WAIT. VOLUME 2. August 7, 1997. 11 Songs from the show in Toronto. Nice single shotter.

BACK AT THE WOLFTRAP. (4) August 23 & 24, 1997. Soundboard boot from the Wolftrap Club in Virginia. A smokin' version of "Silvio." 1997 was certainly one of the best booted years. Incomplete artwork.

YOU AIN'T GOING NOWHERE (2) November 14, 1997 in San Jose. As Link used to say in Mod Squad, "Solid." Good audience recording.

TONIGHT I'LL BE PLAYING HERE WITH YOU. (2) December 8, 1997 Irving Plaza, New York City. Arguably the best Dylan boot of the 90's. Rolling Stone when not putting Britney Spears on its cover sited this show as one of the best of the decade.

WHITE DOVE. (2) Same amazing show as above with the bonus tracks from the Prince's Trust concert in Hyde Park. Nice artwork as well, I've read that some have suggested that this is has a sound upgrade from the previous disc.

DECEMBER 9, 1997. (2) Avalon Ballroom in Boston. I caught this club show. Nice audience recording, though the others around this are better. This one may be a little more difficult to find. Setlist only.

DON'T BE LATE (2) December 19, 1997 at the El Rey Theatre. Includes a couple of tracks with uber rock babe Sheryl Crow helping out with an accordian and vocals. Fab soundboard. Recommend wholeheartedly.

PARTING THE RED SEA FROM JERUSALEM AND BACK December 10, 1997 - the next night at the El Rey makes a perfect bookend. A haunting "John Brown." Impossible to decide which one's better.

NOT DARK YET (2) Has the complete January 14, 1998 show in New London along with some bonus tracks from the LA Shows. Good set.

FEBRUARY 2, 1998. (2) Springfield, MA. Good sounding show albeit with a standard set list though any night he performs "Blind Willie McTell" is good enough for me.

CALIFORNIA OR BUST (2) Has the complete May 21, 1998 show in LA along with 5 from the next night and 5 from May 14 in Vancouver. Enjoyable.

BOB DYLAN DOES THE BIG APPLE. (2) Bob's stop in the City is captured here. Very good audience recording.

SWEET MARIE. May 19, 1998. San Jose, California. Soundboard recording. Dylan and band were very much on - Larry Campbell - was on fire. Amazing performance. Maybe the best Mandolin led version of "Tangled." Highly recommend.

GLASTONBERRY '98. Audience recording from Zimmy's appearance at the infamous annual festival. Not bad sound quality with some audience chatter. Not bad, jut not up to the standard of some of the others of this era.

AT THE GLOBE ARENA. (3) June 9, 1998. Stockholm. Extraordinary. And I mean it. Sensational recording and performance. Chock full of bonus tracks from other June gigs. Scintillating!

I HAVE NO ONE TO MEET. (2) The complete June 11, 1998 show in Denmark with 5 bonus tracks from the next night in Sweden. Terrific soundboard recording, a wonderful "Shooting Star" and you just can't own too many versions of "Blind Willie McTell."

EVERYTHING LOOKS SO FAR AWAY. EXCLUSIVE SERIES '96.(2) June 12, 1998. Has the most reworked "Watchtower" that I have ever heard - incredible. Lots of other goodies and some nice bonus tracks from Germany.

HE'S GETTING READY FOR THE SHOW. June 15, 1998. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Nice stop and a nice recording. No real surprises here, but a nice ride.

BETTE DAVIS STYLE. June 24, 1998. Birmingham, England along with 8 tracks from the Wembley show three nights later. Wonderful disc, missing the final track on my copy, but don't skip this one in trade because of that. Van Morrison rears his big head on "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

THE NEVER ENDING TOUR 98 IN FRANCE - VOL 2 DIJON (2) These are the June 30, 1998 and July 1, 1998 shows - both quite fine audience recordings that don't disappoint(nor overwhelm). Bonus tracks on Vol 2 are curiously from a February 23, 1993 in Paris. Nice moments on both sets.

JULY 5, 1998. (2). Rome, Italy. Actually a real nice audience recording that I enjoyed more than the trader that I received it from.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1998. (2) Mountainview, California. Recorded by a guy named Bill at the Shoreline. He did a nice job particularly on the acoustic numbers. Setlist only.

OCTOBER 23, 1998 (2) Minneapolis, MN (with 5 Bonus tracks from the May 19, 1998 show in San Jose). Soundboard sound - quite enjoyable.

ACOUSTIC COMPILATION 1999. (4) A treat. Nice decision making on songs by the compiler with a couple of electric numbers thrown in for good measure.

ELECTRIC COMPILATION 1999 (6) I believe the bootlegger attempted to get one version of every electric song for the calendar year. A terrific way to get the year without owning every show. Fabulous (large) set.

HONKY TONK BLUES February 15, 1999. (2) Grand Rapids, Michigan. Good audience recording, with a rare take on Hank Williams' "Honky Tonk Blues." Brian Setzer and his band help out on a couple. Nothing really stands out, but you won't be disasppointed either.

FEBRUARY 19, 1999. (2) Binghamton, New York. Sensational set with a country fried version of "Watching the River Flow." Nice sound throughout.

FEBRUARY 22, 1999. (2) Troy, New York. Either a soundboard or a superior audience recording, I can't tell. Terrific set, band was hot, you've got to hear "Times" and "Released."

FEBRUARY 23, 1999. (2) Buffalo, New York. Good sounding show with standard set list, still entirely enjoyable. I don't own too many versions of "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour," do you?

FEBRUARY 25, 1999. (2) Portland, Maine. Fine audience recording with "Visions of Johanna" uncorked.

DRESSED UP LIKE A SQUIRE (2) Same show as above with different bonus tracks, artwork and maybe a shade better sound quality (not sure).

MARCH 2, 1999. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, House of Blues. Single disc that you gotta own for Bono's guest appearance and improv lyrics during "Heaven's Door."

BOOTS OF SPANISH TREASURE. Compilation from the fine spring shows in Europe. Setlist only.

ACROSS THE BORDERLINE (2) Smartly packaged and selected compliation from the Spring dates. Different from the previous disc and quite nice.

APRIL 11, 1999. (2) At the Velodromo Anoeta in San Sebastian. Standard set list and style.

APRIL 13, 1999. (2) Santander, Spain. Excellent show, quite good audience recording.

APRIL 14, 1999. (2) At the Palacio de deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid. Another solid show.

APRIL 27, 1999. (2) Bob's stop in Lins, Austria. More clean sounding Bob.

APRIL 30, 1999. (2) Vienna, Austria. Standard set, but hey it still sounds great.

MAY 1, 1999. (2) The Idalpe, Ischgl, Austria. Very good set with those talented DATers in attendance.

LIVE AT THE FILLMORE AUDITORIUM. (2) June 5, 1999. Denver, Colorado. The night before the offical Simon/Dylan tour began, Paul showed up anyway for the duets. Good.

JUNE 19, 1999. (3) Mountainview, California. The third disc includes Simon. Another solid, workingmanlike performance. Very good sound quality for the Dylan stuff while Simon's disc just doesn't sound right.

JUNE 22, 1999. (2) Los Angeles, California at the Hollywood Bowl. Another nice sounding set. Nary a surprise, but certainly a good night's listen.

JULY 10, 1999 (3) Missouri. Another enjoyable stop with this tour, Simon name checks Dylan a couple of times during their duet of "knockin" Nice workingmanlike job by our hero and even the Simon disc here sounds okay.

JULY 13, 1999 (2) GTE Virginia Beach Ampitheater in the heart of the old confederacy. Good show and all, but like so many of these from the Simon tour, it never really caught fire.

JULY 20, 1999.(3) Albany, New York. The third disc you get Paul Simon. Another solid night's work.

JULY 22, 1999. (3) Mansfield, Massachusetts. Simon again comes on the third CD. Nice, though pedestrian set from Bob. Fine audience recording, good, but certainly not special.

JULY 23, 1999 (2) Another night in Mansfield, and a slightly better performance I think.

JULY 24, 1999 (2). Hartford, Connecticut. I caught this show as Paul and Bob cashed their checks. Not that bad, really, just nothing special. But down right enjoyable.

TRAMMPS. (2) July 26, 1999. An amazing set list from "Visions of Johanna" to a slow, killer "John Brown." Elvis Costello helps close out this special show. Among the year's best, high recommendation!

JULY 27, 1999. (2) Now at Madison Square Garden, Bob uncorks his first East Coast "Highlands." Filler includes a second sourced version of "Highlands" as well as the fine Chula Vista version. Superior performance with an appreciative crowd.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1999. (2) Antoich, Tennessee. Terrific performance by Bob, my guess is he was pushed by having Marty Stuart playing with band all night. Sound quality was good, but a tad murky at times. Too bad this wasn't a soundboard being it was one of the best Dylan/Simon tour performances.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1999. (2) Austin, Texas. You get alot of audience with these discs, but another fabulous performance as well. A lighter and snapper sound quality with good seperation.

OCTOBER 26, 1999 (2) Chicago, Illinois. Contains both the early & late shows from this club gig. The sound quality is acceptable, but helped by turning up the treble and volume on the stereo.

OCTOBER 27, 1999 (2) Champaign, Illinois. Good sound quality, albeit with a mundane setlist. Highlight is the gentle harmonica solo during "One Too Many Morning" that takes my breath away.

OCTOBER 30, 1999 (2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Great sound quality. I particularly enjoy the reworked version of "It's Alright Ma" he does during these fall shows.

OCTOBER 31, 1999 (2) Chicago, Illinois. On the face of the 14 song set list, it looks like a mundane boot. However, terrific performances along with outstanding sound quality make this a terrific show. The phrasing on "It's Alright Ma" this night has to be heard to be believed and just a real nice sweet "Simple Twist of Fate."

NOVEMBER 2 & 3, 1999 (2) My double set contains the complete November 3 show in Columbus and then 3/4 of the next night in East Lansing, Michigan. Good sound throughout.

NOVEMBER 8, 1999. (2) Baltimore, Maryland. Another fun one with a nice "Johanna" and Johnny Cash's "Big River" among the highlights.

APOLLO OF THE TEMPLE. November 9, 1999. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Acceptable, though not quite as good sound quality as some other late fall shows. You won't be disappointed, though. B/W Art.

EVERYBODY KNOWS I'M HERE (2) November 11, 1999. Cool set with a bunch of surprises as all of these late fall shows have - making them all essential. You get a fun "Hootchie Cootchie Man" and a stellar "Song for Woody."

NOVEMBER 13, 1999 (2) East Rutherford, New Jersey. Okay audience recording, just wish we could have had a soundboard recording for all the jems on this set list: "Ring Them Bell," "Blind Willie McTell," "Visions," even "Joey," which while nobody's favorite song is always fun to hear.

NOVEMBER 14, 1999 (2) Worcester, Massachusetts. I caught this show with the highlight being "Highlands." Super sound from a good, mellow night.

NOVEMBER 15, 1999. (2) Ithaca, New York. The rare takes are "Money Honey, " "Cat's in the Well," and a sweet "Song for Woody." Nice.

NOVEMBER 17, 1999. (2) Durham, New Hampshire. Has got to be in the running for best of '99. Unusual setlist, supreme performances. This is the gold standard for these magical late fall shows.

NOVEMBER 18, 1999 (2) Amhearst, Massachusetts. I caught this show and had to sit through 2 more hours of Phil Lesh. But, got alot of guest appearances as nearly everyone from Lesh's band came out, Jorma Kokouna (Hot Tuna), Warren Haynes (Government Mule) and the quite tall Phil himself. Another take of "Highlands" and a rare "Man of Peace."

NOVEMBER 19, 1999. EARLY & LATE SHOWS (3). Final show of the year