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Will Trade Videos. Each tape for 3 CDrs.

EAT THE DOCUMENT. For my money a superior documentary "Don't Look Back." Frankly, I think Pennebaker's film sucked. This film from the 1966 tour includes more music and is more enjoyable. Expect low, but acceptable video quality. Also contains bonus clips from various early television appearances.

RENALDO & CLARA. (2) Oh gavalt, what a mess. The original four hour version - my copy is probably a third or fourth generation copy. You have to see it, but time has not treated it well. Inexplicable comes to mind.

NOVEMBER 19, 1999. University of Massachusetts, Amhearst, Massachusetts. This amateur recording is actually kind of neat. While blurry at times, its a blast to eavesdrop on the show. Lots of guest appearnces that night - Phil Lesh, Jorma Kokonou, Warren Haynes. Bob was having fun that night and it shows.