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THE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN STORY. VOLUME 6. DANCE, DANCE, DANCE. 1971. Includes a cover of "Jambalaya" and other primitive Springsteen offerings from early in his musical development.

DEEP DOWN IN THE VAULTS (3) Career spanning set with each disc focusing on a different era. Alternative takes, outtakes and live performances to blow you away.

THE SAINT, THE INCIDENT & THE MAIN POINT SHUFFLE. (3) One of the legendary radio broadcasts, this from a show in Philadelphia in 1975. It's hard to believe that the sound quality isn't commercial. Captures the early Springsteen sound exquisitely. Essential.

AIN'T NOBODY HERE FROM BILLBOARD TONIGHT (2). From an October 17, 1975 radio show in L.A. Killer night with some hysterical stage dialogue.

BORN IN THE STUDIO. Various outtakes from 1973-1975, includes stuff from The Wild, The Innocent...too. Don't you need the instrumental version of "Rosalita."

WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE. (2). November 4, 1976 at the Palladium Theatre in New York City. Outstanding disc with an intro from Murray "the K" with Ronnie Spector showing up for a couple of tunes.

THE DEFINITIVE DARKNESS OUTTAKES. (2) Get the studio versions of "Fire" and "Because the Night" along with plenty of other goodies.

PIECE DE RESISTANCE. (3) September 19, 1978. I remember this radio broadcast while in college in NJ. Was great then, great now. Clear and strong recording.

LIVE AT WINTERLAND. (3) December 15, 1978, another terrific rockin' radio show. Bruce playing to the audience at home as well in the crowd. Killer, man.

HEART & SOUL (3) November 5, 1980. Arizona. Fine show.

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR. (4) It's December 31, 1980 at the Nassau Colliseum and those New Yawkers are going crazy. Fanastic show, fantastic recording.

KANSAS CITY NIGHT. (3). November 19, 1984. Bruce is at his commercial peak during the Born in the USA Tour. Splendid performance and recording.

WARM AND TENDER LOVE. Bits and pieces, mostly from 1993, but other years as well. Get his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame set and other cool stuff.

THE BOSS IS BACK (2) Well atleast Bruce is back in Los Angeles on the Human Touch Tour backed by Toto or whomever in 1992. Commercial level sound quality on this one, but do any of us ever need to hear "Local Hero" or "Roll of the Dice" ever again. With that said, some nice moments on some of our faves.

I'M TURNING INTO ELVIS. Various live performances from 1995 including the Letterman Show, guest shot with Melissa Etheridge during her MTV Unplugged show, dropping in with Soul Asylum, you get the idea. Great title.

RAILROAD TRACKS. The first 10 tracks taken from his December/1995 Tom Joad tour in Philadelphia. Bonus tracks include some tunes with Neil Young and the E Streeters.

YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH. October 13, 1986 at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mountain View, CA. More Bruce acoustic stuff - closing the set with Neil Young covering "Teach Your Children."

ASBURY PARK NIGHT. (3) November 26, 1996 at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. Plenty of old friends dropped in to help. Excellent sound throughout.

THE BOSTON TEA PARTY (2) August 22, 1999. I don't think it is possible for Springsteen to sound better. I just can't get this out of my player. Extraordinary performance with sensational sound quality. This is the boot to own from the reunion tour. Period.

AUGUST 26, 1999. (3) At the Fleet Center in Boston. I caught this amazing concert, so did an audience taper. Okay recording, but the taping didn't quite do the magical night justice.

RAISE YOUR HAND. (3) August 27, 1999 at the Fleet, doing it again. Probably the same taper.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1999. (3) Philadelphia. Another good, not great audience recording of the great Reunion tour.

SATURDAY NIGHT. (3) June 17, 2000. Madison Square Garden, N.Y.C. I was at this show - one of the best (and loudest) performances I have ever witnessed. The audience recording is good not great - contains 10 bonus tracks from an unlisted show. of rarely performed songs.