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BOB DYLAN - 2000's

MARCH 9, 2000 (2) At the arena in Oberhausen, Nice clean recording with a solid performance.

MARCH 11, 2000 (2) At the Kolnareno in Koln. Good, not great, audience recording with just a real sweet, slowed down version of "Gates of Eden," the way it should be.

MARCH 17, 2000. (2) Reno Hilton Theater. Good recording of a standard set list. Nice though.

MARCH 26, 2000. (2) Casper, Wyoming. Talk about the middle of frickin' nowhere - Casper. Bob squeezes out 19 songs, I guess he figured he wouldn't be stopping back for awhile. Quite a fabulous show! Love that "Gates of Eden!"

MARCH 31, 2000. (2) Rochester, Minnesota. Fine audience recording of a generous 18 songs that night. Particularly enjoy the acoustic set.

APRIL 1, 2000. (2) Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Another nice show in the middle of nowhere. Excellent recording along with 5 uncredited bonus tracks. Super.

OH LIFE! (2) April 3, 2000. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Nice audience recording, after a sluggish start, Bob just tees off on "Desolation Row" and takes off for the rest of the night. Super Show, Zimmy.

APRIL 6, 2000. (2) Denver, Colorado. All of these Western Shows were taped quite well, nice to see Bob pull out "Blind Willie McTell." Seems to fit with the other JWH and Nashville Skyline material he's been doing on this tour. Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel?) helped out on guitar on 3 songs.

MAY 8, 2000 (2) Stuttgart, Germany. Real strong and a clean recording.

MAY 21, 2000 (2). Horsens, Denmark. This Audience recording is a drop off in sound quality - sounds like it's been remastered and remixed a little. Still a charming show.

MAY 23, 2000 (2) Berlin, Germany. Terrific recording with an electrifying "Gotta Serve Somebody" with some modified lyrics to boot.

MAY 31, 2000 (2) Ancona, Italy. Pretty good audience recording - highlights are the slowed down "Can't Wait" and the punchy "Drifter's Escape."

SIMPLY THE BEST: UK HIGHLIGHTS. SEPTEMBER 2000. Sourced off of an MP3 posting from the Cambridge Bob Dylan Society, consists of 14 highlights from the UK swing. Good audience recordings with a phenomonal "Trying To Get To Heaven" and a rare "Highlands." Even posted the neat artwork to boot.

OCTOBER 1, 2000. (2) Munster, Germany. Real sweet sounding disc and one of the best of the calendar year: "Visions" and "One Too Many Mornings" among the highlights.