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BOB DYLAN - 1970's

POSSUM BELLY OVERALLS. Dylan's muse was not clicking in 1970 and these studio recordings are a
mixed bag. Sounding very Self Portrait/Nashville Skyle like, Zim gets some help from George Harrison on
a couple of tracks. Has a breezy "I Don't Believe You" and "Gates of Eden" as highlights. A couple of
clunkers including Bob warbling "Yesterday." Ouch.

PECOS BLUES. Outtakes and extra music from the Pat Garrett Soundtrack. Really entertaining sutff. Good
music and some great studio eavesdropping. You'll enjoy it more than you think.

BANGLADESH CONCERTS. January 8, 1971. Contains both the Afternoon show in excellent sound quality and the Evening show from an audience recording in gruff sound. No artwork.

AT THE SPECTRUM. (2) January 8, 1974 in Philadelphia. Lower quality audience recording of the tour with
the Band. Nice cover show, but not nearly in the same league as the others from this tour.

LOVE SONGS FOR AMERICA (2). January 14, 1974 at the Boston Garden. The more boots that I hear from
this tour the better I think it was. Robbie Robertson's guitar on "Hollis Brown" is staggering!

BITTERSWEET. (2) January 31, 1974. Madison Square Garden. Real nice live set that includes a couple of
Blood on the Tracks outtakes as a bonus. A Terrific set, but not as good as...

PAINT THE DAYTIME BLACK (2). A rockin' performance with the Band from February 14, 1974. A harder,
tigether performance than the commercially released souvenier. Robbie Robertson was on.

BLOOD ON THE TAPES. Fab outtakes features 2 great takes of "Idiot Wind."

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS: THE NEW YORK SESSIONS. The way the album was originally going to be
released before Dylan threw a nutty and at his brother's request re-recorded half of the tracks. The stuff of
one of the great Dylan debates of whether he ruined the album or made it better. I say both - the reworked songs were better as singles, but the context was lost. Highest recommendation!

THE PROPHET & THE CLOWN. Simmy was the surprise guest at the SNACK Benefit in March of 1975 in
San Francisco. Disc contains Neil Young, The Band & others doing songs as well. Acceptable sound
quality, though Bobby's mike could have been hiked a little.

PLYMOUTH ROCK. Contains some of the October Plymouth Rolling Thunder show and the November
Waterbury show. Essential fantastic.

SATISFIED MAN. Stuff from the November 11, 1975 in Waterbury. Superb. Excellent sound quality

TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Same show as above though it has some bonus tracks as well. As best as I can tell the
same source and sound quality.

GET READY! TONIGHT BOB'S STAYING HERE WITH YOU. (2) November 21, 1975 Boston Hall show. Uneven
but darn good recording with some special moments. Difficult to copy artwork due to unique
configuration of cases.

KNIGHT OF THE HURRICANE. (2) December 8, 1975 at Madison Square Garden (has their every been a
concert at the Garden not booted?). Rolling Thunder rules. Excellent!

COWBOY ANGEL BLUES (2) Contains tracks from the Waterbury, Plymouth, Toronto & Boston shows. Nice
set, though I have most of it on other discs.

SONGS FOR PATTY VALENTINE Great title. A hodge podge of tracks recorded in the later half of 1975.
includes some outtakes from Desire and live tracks.

RENALDO & CLARA. Unofficial soundtrack from the film, contains some interesting stuff, but the sound quality just
isn't up to the quality of the other Rolling Thunder boots.

FLAGGIN' DOWN THE DOUBLE E'S. (3) More killer Rolling Thunder from November & December of 1975.
My version takes up 3 discs though it properly takes up just 2.

JANUARY 22 & 23, 1976 REHEARSALS. Santa Monica Studios. Rick Danko & T-Bone Burnett both sing 2 songs on these rehearsal tapes. Different from the next listed disc.

THE DAYS BEFORE THE HURRICANE. Rehearsals from SIR from January/1976. Sounds real good.

KNIGHT OF THE HURRICANE II (2) January 25, 1976. It's the big Hurricane Carter event at the Houston Astrodome. Low quality audience recording, there is plenty of better Rolling Thunder available.

ACOUSTIC THUNDER. Acoustic collection from the tour, mostly from April & May of 1976. Rough sounding,
but not bad.

THE DAYS BEFORE HARD RAIN. Dylan and the boys rehearsing in May of 1976. Does some unusual
numbers and arrangement. Includes the demo of "Seven Days" as well.

HIGHWAY 49 REVISITED. May 1, 1976 at the Reid Green Colliseum in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Very good
audience recording with a terrific performance.

LIVE AT THE WAREHOUSE. (2) May 3, 1976. More great Rolling Thunder II stuff. Features a nice Joan Baez
take on "Diamond & Rust." Plenty of cool stuff from the overly maligned second leg.

CREATURES VOID OF FORM. Nice single disc from the May 3, 11, 19, 1976 shows. Grand.

BLOOD & THUNDER. Featuring performances from May 11, 18 and 23, 1976. There is a glitch on a couple
of tracks, though still worthwhile..

HOLD THE FORT (LOCK UP THE WAREHOUSE). (2) Fort Worth Show on May 16, 1976. Sensational set with
a number of reworked versions of songs from RT.

THE TALL GRASS & THE ONES I LOVE. May 18, 1976. Nice show.

CHARLIE'S CHOICE. Includes 5 blues jams from the Marriott in Hampton in 1986, but mostly it's rehearsal
songs from 1976. The vocals are a little behind in the mix on the rehearsal protion - the blues numbers
sound like a drunken party to me.

SANTA MONICA REHEARSALS. Contains material from the following: December 30, 1977, January, 1978 Early, January 27 ("Street Tape), April, 1978. No artwork.

DARKNESS AT THE BREAK OF NOON. 1978 Tour Rehearsals at Rundown Studio. Crystal clear sound
quality. While Bob polutes "Times" and "Knockin'" he really tees off on "If You See Her" and "It's Alright
Ma." The best rehearsal stuff that I own.

MOVING VIOLATIONS January 30, 1978. More rehearsals with some overlap with the previous disc. Enjoyable.

OK I STILL GET STONED. Soundboard recording frm Festival Hall in Brisbane, Australia. March 15, 1978.
Despite the high sound quality, its hard to get past the Las Vegas lounge band he hauled down under. He
just obliterates all meaning in "Girl From the North Country."

STOP CRYING June 2, 1978 along with a few bonus tracks 5 nights later with bonus shows in Los Angeles. Quite an enjoyable performance with Bob really getting into it. A real good one from this era.

THE PICNIC AT BLACKBUSHE (2) July 15, 1978. An immense performance including a number of rarely performed songs from Street Legal. Too bad we can't get a soundboard as this audience recording is merely acceptable. Clapton does a nice guest spot and a little too much chat from the picknickers.

I WAS YOUNG WHEN I LEFT HOME (2). October 12, 1978. Done in this era's style - not our hero's best, but
Bob gives it his all. Begins with an instrumental of "My Back Pages" which both horrifies and entertains.

LIVE AT THE PITSTOP - GAZA STRIP. November 10, 1978. Bob and his big band strike again. A very good
audience recording, you get a rare "Changin of the Guards."

HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE. (2) December 10, 1978 from North Carolina. Very nice audience
recording, oft sited as one of the best from this era.

NEW FOUND FAITH (2). November 1, 1979 from the infamous 2 week stand at the Warfield Theater in San
Francisco. I think the early Christian stuff holds up well. Lots of jeering and catcalls from a confused

CONTRACT WITH THE LORD. PART 1 & 2. (2). November 16, 1979. Have incomplete artwork on this terrific
performance, good, not great audience recording.