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Yeah, I guess there are other artists

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND. MELISSA. From an acoustic show on June 11,1992 in L.A. Outstanding sound quality and 2 kickin' versions of the title track. Lots of incredible guitar playing from these Southern gentlemen. I should be more into these guys than I am. Setlist only.

THE BAND. FRIENDS & OTHER STRANGERS. Some additional tracks from "The Last Waltz" probably material without overdubs and remixing, etc.

THE BEATLES. THE COMPLETE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION. The fabs are a mighty silly bunch as evidenced by their annual Christmas messages to their fan club.

THE BEATLES. 1968 DEMOS. Some of the demos for the White Album. Hear why they really were a studio band.

Considered to be the gold standard of Beatles outtakes.

BJORK. SUGAR CANDY KISSES. September 8, 1993. Soundboard boot from Denmark. Always thought she looked like a outrageous looking smurf.

DAVID BOWIE & STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN. COMPLETE DALLAS REHEARSALS. VOLUME 1 & 2. April 27, 1983. Individually packaged sets featuring Stevie Ray in Bowie's band before he quit over pay. Seems Bowie wanted to pay him scale or so I have read. Anyway, both have terrific sound quality and performance from the Dame.

DAVID BOWIE. SERIOUS MOONLIGHT. (2) Montreal, 1983. The Thin White Duke is in fine voice on this soundboard boot. While the band, at times, is a bit too big, this is a great show with a superb setlist. Bowie is God.

DAVID BOWIE & THE SPIDERS FROM MARS. BOY COULD HE PLAY GUITAR. Excellent sounding material from the early 1970's.

DAVID BOWIE. KIT KAT CLUB. November 19, 1999. N.Y.C. Sweet single disc of a quick club date by the dame. Nice mix of old and new songs in crisp sound.

JOHNNY CASH. THE BEAST IN ME. The consumate showman, he brought a great show with him to the Rocky Gap Festival in Maine in 1990. June Carter comes out for a couple with some nice stage banter. A legend.

ERIC CLAPTON & FRIENDS. HAPPY HAPPY BRITHDAY ERIC. Lots of friends dropped by the studio to sing a song with Eric, Dylan on 3, Van Morrison, Ron Wood, The Band...

ERIC CLAPTON. COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED (2). All of the performances before editing and remixing, including the producer's instruction to applaud on cue whenever they recognize a song.

THE CLASH. TRICK OR TREAT. October 31, 1982 at Bond's in N.Y.C. This audience recording sounds just too tinny for me. Ahh, the only band that matters....

ELVIS COSTELLO. PLUGGELECTRIC. Split disc, half from the 1991's MTV Unplugged Performance and the other an electric set from Glasgow in 1994. His aim is true.

CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG. (3) February 1, 2000. Tacoma, Washington. Very good audience recording captures an appreciate and enthusiastic audience digging the reunion. Each disc has its own amatuer artwork.

SHERYL CROW. HIDDEN TREASURES. Collection of B Sides etc. Great stuff, artwork does exactly match up to the music on the disc.

SHERYL CROW. VH-1 STORYTELLERS & UNPLUGGED. Good clean copy with some nice anecdotes and pretty good performances.

SHERYL CROW. TRINITY CHURCH SESSIONS. November 3, 1998. A wonderous acoustic performance in commercial sound quality.

DEPECHE MODE. ALMOST ACOUSTIC. I traded for this because one of my clients is a big fan. Decent enough sound quality - though I expected better from a radio broadcast. December/1999 in L.A.

DEREK & THE DOMINO. FILMORE EAST. October 23, 1970. Extraodinary performance from Clapton with all of his Guitar God powers intact. Sensational sound and performance.

DIRE STRAITS. BEFORE WE BECAME FAMOUS. 1979. 10 Songs nicely performed from their first tour.

GUNS & ROSES November Rain. Studio Sessions - 1986. 15 Demos or alternate studio takes - contains stuff from "Appetite," "Lies," and the "Illusions" discs. Makes me realize what a punk band these bad boys were. Axl's vocals at time sound like they were recorded in bathroom, but otherwise a pretty good sounding disc.

JIMI HENDRIX. STOCKHOLM '67. Jimi's guitar is a tad undermiked during the opener of "Sgt Pepper's," but after that it's pure magic. Plays a bunch of my personal favorites: "Foxy Lady," "Hey Joe," "Fire," "The Wind Cried Mary," and a "Purple Haze" that I cranked so loud I need new bridge work.

HOLE. BIG DAY OUT. Fabulous sound quality thoughout this disc taken from that large Australian music festival in January/1999. Hear Courtney curse! Hear Courtney defend the bible. Hear Courtney refuse to play another song until the photographers leave. Extended introductions for each song, but the Girrl can rock.

HOLE. PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED. Contains the MTV Unplugged show and a Feburary/1994 gig. Terrific sound quality, missing one track from the 21 listed.

JOE JACKSON. UNAUTHORIZED LIVE. VOLUME ONE. New York City. 1980. The thinking man's new waver. Superb show featuring songs from his first 2 discs. Love it.

THE KINKS. UNPLUGGED. Ray Davies is one mean acoustic guitar player. From the most underrated band of the original brit invasion. Good mix of old and more recent songs. Perfect sound quality.

LED ZEPPLIN. TEXAS POP FEST 1970. The vocals sound a little muddy to me, but Pagey sure can play the axe. 6 Rockin' tunes.

LED ZEPPLIN. June 1, 1977. (3) Los Angeles, California. Highly praised audience recording that I have seen titled a few different ways at various Zep web sites. Not sure I got the setlist right, but these boys can sure plug in and play to elevan. The place gots nuts during "Stairway."

JOHN LENNON. IMAGINE - ALL THE OUTTAKES. (3) Cripes, that's 3 discs worth, I mean 6 version of the title track. A bit more than I need, but you do get alot of neat stuff and plenty of studio chatter as well. Partial artwork.

LOB LOBOS. JUNE 19, 1999. (2) Recorded at Lupo's in Providence, I've seen those guys there, but not that night. Solid set.

LYLE LOVETT. AUSTIN CITY LIMITS & MORE. December/1996. 9 super clean cuts from a man too cool for country and too country for cool. Homemade art.

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS. THE RECORD PLANT. December 2, 1973. Nice set of studio outtakes along with 5 songs from a Radio One performance. The Third World Dylan, my friends.

JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP. WHEELS ARE TURNING. September 11, 1993. I have always felt that the more recent Mellencamp is better than the older and more commecially succesful stuff. Terrific live show, soundboard recording though the vocals is just half a tad low in the mix.

KEB MO. SESSIONS AT W. 54TH STREET & AUSTIN CITY LIMITS 1996. 10 songs plus 2 interview clips. The man can play the steel guitar. Perfect sound. Homemade art.

MORRISSEY. LONDON 1991. Acceptable audience recording of the Moz. A unique songwriting talent.

VAN MORRISON. RAVE ON. 1987 Glassenberry Festival. Soundboard boot, eclectice setlist. Sweet.

VAN MORRISON. WAY UP ON THE AVENUE. (2) January/1998 in New York City. From his co-headlining tour with Dylan. 29 songs with 2 duets with Bobby and plenty of great music.
VAN MORRISON. BURING GROUND. May/1998. Great stuff from the man. Diverse setlist without relying on the big hits. B/W Art only.

VAN MORRISON. LIVE AT THE BOTTOM LINE. 1978. I remember listening to this show on the radio while at college. More terrific stuff with an introduction from old friend, Peter Wolf. Begins with "Moondance" and ends with "Caravan" 'nuff said.

VAN MORRISON. I LIKE CANDY. December/1998 (2) Killer set with guest appearances from Saxophone extraordinaire Candy Dulfer and Mavis Staples.

NIRVANA. XXII II MCMXCIV. Soundbaord recording from their Feburary 22, 1994 performance in Rome. Every listen makes you miss them more.

OASIS. UNPLUGGED. A terrific collection of acoustic performances from that 1994-5 period when they were right there. They may not be as great as they think they are, but this disc made a believer out of me. Setlist only.

SINEAD O'CONNOR. VISIONS. Half the disc from April 8, 1995 and the other half from June 5, 1995. She's got transcendent talent and alot to say. Nice career spanning selections.

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS. (2). Utrecht, Holland. December 4, 1982. Wow! Soundboard boot from Rock & Roll's greatest unsung hero. Great Stuff!!

TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS. FREE FALLIN' Real nice boot from his 1990 tour and far superior to his shabby commercial live product.

ELVIS PRESLEY THE BLUE HAWAII SESSIONS. March 21-23, 1961. It is fun to hear the King in studio with lots of fits and starts and studio chatter in superb sound quality, but man, does the material blow.

BONNIE RAITT. LIVE AT ROCKEFELLERS. March/1998. Bonnie and a friend just singing the blues in Houston. Stellar. Homemade art.

OTIS REDDING. WHISKEY A GO-GO. April/1966. (2) The early and late shows from which a live album was culled. Essential stuff, even performs "These Arms of Mine" as he takes a request from the audience. No artwork.

LOU REED. SWEET JANE. Backed by the Dick Wagner/Steve Hunter tandem in 1972, Lou was rock's last great hope. Superb.

LOU REED. NEW YORK STORIES. Performing the mighty album from Beginning to End, Lou was vital in 1989. Crystal clear sound quality as Lou connected on his third wind.

R.E.M. APRIL 11, 1992. In their hometown of Athens, Georgia. Real nice sound quality, recommend.

R.E.M. JULY 5, 1999. (2) Recorded in Paris, this show is not nearly the same sound quality as the Athens show. Sounds rather muddled, but not too bad.

JONATHAN RICHMOND. LIVE AT THE CAFE RUST. While the recording equipment was terrific it picked up all the chat which grew loader as the night progressed.
PAUL SIMON. OUT OF AFRICA. 1992. Lots of hits performed sensationally. High qualiy sound. Have a couple of Simon discs as well from the Dylan/Simon Summer of 1999 tour thought none in the same league as this disc..

PATTI SMITH. LIVE AT CBGB 1979. (2) Glorious double set from a great one. Alanis Morisette doesn't hold a candle to Patti. No artwork.

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & LITTLE STEVEN. UNPLUGGED. November 21, 1993. Recorded (& Broadcast?) at a New York City radio station. The 2 Jersey boys are having some fun, peforming everthing from "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and "Like A Virgin" to "Forever Young" and "Rosalita." Whatever happened to Southside Johnny?

JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS. WOLVERHAMPTON. October 26,1999. Recorded from what, the bathroom. Does a couple of Clash tunes, though.

TALKING HEADS. STARDUST BALLROOM. September/1979. Touring after their second album, this crystal clear boot is stunning. Making those skinny ties dance, David Bryne is at his growling best.

JEFF TWEEDY. FEBRUARY 29, 1999. Chicago, Illinois. (2) Nice solo disc, mellow, acoustic and good. Has 10 Bonus tracks from the September/1997 Wilco appearnace on KFOG.
U2. COVERING 'EM. Various audience recordings which varies in quality. Number of Dylan songs and a couple of appearances of Bono at some of Bob's gigs - about half the disc.

U2. SAN APOLO VIRTUAL. (2) Knockout set from the Pop Mart Tour. High quality audience recording, hard to realize sometimes that it isn't a soundboard.

UNCLE TUPELO. THE LAST SHOW. MAY 1. 1994. (2) Clean sounding boot from their final show. Excellent sound.

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN THE HOUSE IS ROCKIN' November 28 & 29, 1989. From a radio broadcast, the audience was miked a little too loudly, though that would be quibbling. The master at work.


TOM WAITS. COLD BEER ON A HOT NIGHT. Australia, March, 1979.


TOM WAITS. AT THE CIRCUS (2). June/1989 in Stockholm.

TOM WAITS. JOCKEY FULL OF BOURBON (2). November 7, 1995. Holland.

WILCO. APRIL 21, 1999. (2) New York City. Clean soundboard boot. These guys sure can swing.

HANK WILLIAMS & THE DRIFTING COWBOYS. RARE RADIO PROGRAMMES. 1949. An astonishing colllection of radio performances by the original hard living homosapien. Wonderful little intro's for the songs, sound quality is great though there are lots of crackles that just add to its charm.

YO LA TENGO. NOVEMBER 23, 1988. (2) Chicago. Clean boot of a band that sounds like a cross between the Violent Femmes and the Velvet Underground.

NEIL YOUNG. MARCH 20, 1999. (2) Perfect sound quality on this sensational show. Neil is a jolly mood, telling stories, making jokes and performing on all cylinders.

NEIL YOUNG. JUNE 14, 1999. A mind blower, Neil again acoustic at Jones Beach, just sizzling. Springsteen comes out for the closer. A masterpiece.

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE. THE COMPLEX SESSIONS & MORE. Just an earth shattering performance from the godfather of grunge. The tracks are apparently live video versions from the Sleep With Angels session. Yee Ha!