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GET SATISFACTION...IF YOU WANT! THE BEST OF THE BBC RADIO RECORDINGS 1963-1965. Just what the titles says, great collection of stuff, lots of early blues songs and interview clips. Great single disc.

BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY. Consists of 6 demos from 1963 and then 4 live tracks from March/1965, terrific all.

ITCHY FINGERS. Outtakes and alternate versions of the cool stuff, 2 versions of "Cocksucker Blues."

THEE SATANIC SESSIONS. OLYMPIC YEARS 1967-1970. 18 Studio Outtakes and alternate versions. Some nice performances along with a great cover shot of Keef smoking from a huge pipe.

ACOUSTIC MOTHERFUCKERS. 1965-1970. Stellar collection of acoustic tracks, packaged in homemade art. A+.

UNPLUGGED. Same set as above except with an additional track of "Angie." I also have the artwork.

STONES DREAMS. Smart collection of live tracks mostly from the 60's, but bits and pieces through 1975. All in outstanding sound quality.

BEGGAR'S BREAKFAST. Smart collection of outtakes, alternate mixes and just stuff mainly between 1968-1972. Nice to own a version of "Gimme Shelter" with Keith on vocals.

HYDE PARK. 1969. (2) The legendary Bryan Jones Eulogy Show, pretty good audience taping off of the PA system.

LIVE'R THAN YOU'LL EVER BE. November 9, 1969. One of the legendary early bootlegs, the Stones in all their garage band r & b best.

ACETATES Sweet single discs of alternate takes and unreleased tracks from the early 70's. Don't you have to own a real nice straight take of "Drift Away."

LEED GUITARS...TV STARS. Superb. Incredible remaster of the lengendary boot, "Get Your Leeds Lungs Out." It's March 1971, it's the Rolling Stones. Highest recommendation.

EXILE OUTTAKES. A little gruff and messy, I guess that's why they call them outtakes.

FEBRUARY 24, 1973. PERTH, AUSTRALIA. Rock and Roll. Don't play this one in your car, you'll get a speeding ticket. Killer stuff. Setlist only.

BRUSSELS AFFAIR 1973. Quiet sound board recording from the tour, it's kind of strange to not hear the audience at all. Superb performance, the Stones were rocking and sound quality is great.

LIVE IN GIANTS STADIUM. August 17, 1994. (2) Smartly packaged, but ultimately disappointing due to the subpar audience recording.

STRIPPED COMPANION. An essential disc of acoustic versions, studio sessions and rehearsals (?) from the early to mid 90's. Some great stuff here.

BEHIND THE DOUBLE DOORS: THE LEGENDARY SECRET GIG. Chicago, September 18, 1997. Can we say they are overstated the case, how legendary was this club warm up date anyway. The PR these guys get from those pre-stadium Club gigs are shall we say overstated. Loud night, the audience recording captues the crowd's enthusiasm, but not the music. B/W art.