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BOB DYLAN - 1980's

NEVER RELEASED CHRISTIAN LIVE ALBUM. Contains 6 of the 7 cuts (as best as I can tell) of Rock Solid -
said album. I think this is an abreviated version of...

THE BORN AGAIN MUSIC. (2) An outrageous set. Great sound and even includes a Sermon from Deacon
Bob. From April/1980 in Toronto. Kind of a Christian Tent Revivial feeling. Highest recommendation.

FAREWELL BLOOMFIELD. (2) November 15, 1980. Featuring ol' Mike Bloomfield on a couple of tracks - he
died shortly thereafter. Bob does a nice intro for him. unusual set list, good not great sound quality,
thought Bob was singing quite well.

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE ANTICHRIST. November 16, 1980. Also at the Warfield. This time cuddly Jerry Garcia
dropped in for a song. No artwork.

RISE AGAIN. November 30, 1980. Promenantly featuring those women backup singers - ugh. Sounds nice and
features a number of rarely performed songs.

BETWEEN SAVED & SHOT OF LOVE. Studio outtakes from the Spring of 1981 - not Bob's most fertile song

A BIRD'S NEST IN YOUR HAIR (2) June 29, 1981. Earl's Court, London. My version has 23 cuts (only partial artwork) with Bobby generous sharing stage and mike time with his big band. A transitional show from his gospel period back to his older songs.

IN THE SUMMERTIME. JULY 10, 1981. Has a pretty "Girl From North Country" with a beautiful slow
arrangement and nice keyboards.

AVIGNON. (2) July 25, 1981. France. Lots of highlights, as Bob leads his large gospel-like band in a
number of different directions. A good mix of Christian stuff along with other material. A generous 27
songs that night. No artwork.

NOVEMBER 10, 1981. NEW ORLEANS. (2) Darn good show. Nice to hear "Man Gave Name" and "Shot of
Love" live. Very good sound quality throughout. Still have that often annoying trio of back up singers on a
couple of tunes. There are 2 boots of this show "Stadium of the Damned" and "Child's Ballon" don't know
which this is.

YOU CAN'T KILL AN IDEA (2) November 12, 1981. Has some terrific vocals and at this point Bob was clearly
moving his set list away from the Christian stuff. High recommendation. No artwork.

LIVE AID. Relive how bad those three songs were. Don't worry Bob, only a billion people were watching.

ROUGH CUTS (2 and an overun of 1 song) The earth shattering outtakes from Infidels including the
legendary electric version of "Blind Willie McTell" that gives Clinton Heylin the sweats. Some amazing
guitar work from whiz Mark Knopfler who fled the studio after fighting with Bob over song selection and
mixes (Mark you were in the right). A masterpiece and proof as to how great Infidels nearly was.

PLUGZ REHEARSALS. March/1984. He's toured with the Band, the Dead, Tom Petty and yeah, he played with The Plugz (A West Coast New Wave band I've been assured) for a David Letterman show appearance.

REAL LIVE OUTTAKES 1984. Enjoyable single offering from the hard rockin' and hard livin' Bobby D. Get
a nice guest shot from Van Morrison on "Baby Blue" and "Tupelo Honey."

THE JOKERMAN HAS LEFT THE STADIUM. (2). June 3, 1984. The sound is pretty good though slightly on
the tinny side, but certainly grows on you during the listen. Guest appearances from Carlos Santana and
Joan Baez which is cool. Setlist only.

LES TEMPS CHANGENT (2). From the Paris July 1, 1984 show. Enjoyable set with appearnces from Van
Morrison on 4 & Carlos Santana on 6 tracks.

OUTSIDE THE EMPIRE. The Studio outtakes from Empire Burlesque take up one track too many for a
single disc. Empire is not my favorite - don't think it's anyone's. Not sure who was clammering for thse but
I got 'em.

TEMPEST STORM. More outtakes from Empire with some overlap from the above boot.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA. FEBRUARY/1986. After the glitch on the opening track, its sails along beautifully.
Setlist only

TRUE CONFESSIONS LIVE. Backed by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Perfect soundboard recording.

LIVE USA FEATURING TOM PETTY. I believe identical to above except with 10 rather than 14 tracks. My
ear can't detect any other difference, though the artwork is different.

RICH FOR POOR (2) July 4, 1986 in Buffalo, New York backed by the Heartbreakers. Just not quite as good as the other discs from this tour.

JULY 7, 1986 (2) At RFK Stadium. On a co-headling Tour with the Dead and backed by the Heartbreakers. Must be a record 5 or 6 sentences of stage dialogue. Good sound quality here, no Petty songs - a pretty good set.

THERE IS A PLACE OF BROKEN DREAMS (3) August 5, 1986 Shoreline. Backed by Tom Petty some of the
bonus tracks are from other shows. High quality recording, but inconsistant Dylan performance. Get a
bunch of rare (did I say rare) tracks ie "Unchain my Heart," "Band of the Hand," "We Had It All." Also you
get a bunch of Tom Petty hits all performed well. Incomplete artwork.

COVERING THEM. Various covers from the Petty Tour. You even get a "Happy Birthday" for bass player
and Dylan drinking buddy, Howie Epstein.

DYLAN & THE DEAD STUDIO RECORDINGS. SPRING 1987 (2). Rehearsal stuff, low but acceptable sound
quality, includes a couple of rarely performed John Wesley Haring tracks. Setlist only.

FRENCH GIRL (3). With this much rehearsal with the Dead you think the tour would have been better.
Good sound quality and excellent variety of tunes rehearsed. Like it. Partial artwork.

KNOCKIN' ON FOXBORO'S DOOR. July 4, 1987. At the big football stadium with in Massachusetts, a decent

MEN OF PEACE July 10, 1987. JFK Stadium. Philadelphia. Actually a nice performance with Bobby and
the Dead sounding pretty good. Enjoyed this one more than I thought I would.

JULY 12, 1987. Dylan and the Dead at Giants Stadium, quite low quality audience taping, for completists
only. The pairing just didn' work.

JULY 19, 1987 Again with the former Warlocks now in Eugene, Oregon with decent sound quality.

DANCING IN THE DARK. (2) Rehearsals from 1987 with bonus tracks from the unreleased Christian album.
Bob's voice is hoarse, sloppy stuff but still fun. For the hardcore.

WILD CATHEDRAL EVENING. Single disc culled from October 10, 1987 show in the UK, backed by Petty
again. Supposedly difficult to find.

CRITICS CHOICE VOL 5 & 6. (2) Culled from the October 14-17, 1987 shows at Wembley Stadium. lots of
good stuff and nice sound.

THE FINAL NIGHT AND MORE. (2) The notes on the cover art say it all, "Recorded live at Wembley Area,
London on October 17, 1987, as the final night of the European Temples in Flames tour. This was the best
and longes show of the entire tour, all bonus tracks are rare highlights from the same tour." Love it.

CRITICS CHOICE. VOLUME 4. Compilation from various locations in the US in 1988. Good.

SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES. (2) June 10, 1988 in Berkeley. Neil Young sat in for the night. Bobby's vocals
were a bit groggy.

BLOWN OUT ON THE TRAIL. (2) June 30, 1988. Sensational show with bonus tracks from the Neil Young
Bridge Benefit that year to boot.

STUCK INSIDE OF NEW YORK (2). From Radio City Music Hall, nice to get "Gates of Eden," "With God On
Our Side," "Subterranean." Stellar.

CRITICS CHOICE. VOLUME 7. A variety of unusual tracks - mostly from August of 1988 shows.

WANTED MAN. September 4, 1988. At the Lake Compounce Festival in Bristol. Bob blasting off, has a real nice "Subterranean" operner and a crisp "I Shall Be Released." Bob's in pretty good vocals here and
doing the harder rock versions, but this was not one of his better era's for inspiration or performance.
Missing one track.

DEEDS OF MERCY. Oh Mercy outtakes. The naked tracks before Daniel Lanois messed with them (he did
mess with them well).

RING THEM BELLS. 15 more Oh Mercy outtakes, some overlap but equally terrific. Worth owning both.

NEVER ENDING TOUR REHEARSALS. (2) May/1989. Bob's voice is shot. Gone. Sounds like he swallowed
Oscar the Grouch. However, includes a number of songs not played elsewhere like Buddy Holly's
"Everday" and Gordon Lightfoot's "I'm Not Supposed to Care." You get 5 versions of "Shot of Love" and a
"Peace in the Valley." Still not to played for your friends who don't like Dylan.

ALL THE WAY DOWN TO ITALY. (2). June/1989. Lots of good playing from GE Smith (the former Mr. Gilda
Radner) and some rarely played numbers like (Van Zandt's) Poncho & Lefty & "You Don't Know Me."

HUNTED LIKE A CROCODILE. (2) June 10, 1989. Recorded in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Bob was not
clicking in 1989, but still like the acoustic stuff as well as a rare take on "The Trail of a

SONG & DANCE MAN LIVE 89. (2) June 11, 1989 in Brussels along with an additional 11 tracks from the June/1989 tour of Europe. Bob just going through the motions here, sounding groggy and uninspired. Pretty good sound quality, just no magic.

GOLDEN VANITY. 18 rarely performed folk songs recorded from 1988-1992.

20/20 VISION. (2) Compilation covering 1989-1991. Don't you have to own Bob butchering "The Harder They
Come," I know I do. Bob's voice is gruff, but still an enjoyable set.