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Welcome to my latest obsession

The Groundrules:

1. I am only interested in trading for CDrs. Nothing is for sale and I don't trade for blanks.

2. I provide color scans of artwork when available and would expect the same in return. Please indicate when you do not have artwork and provide a setlist.

3. If you contacted me first, you send the discs first.

4. My software can only handle 74 Min CDrs. If there is a runover I will burn the extra songs on an additional disc.

5. Do not send the plastic cases. Including the cases adds weight for postage and they crack in transit.

6. Use only name brand CDrs. They aren't much more expensive and they handle so much better.

7. Especially if you are a new trader to me, E Mail updates during the trade are appreciated.

"But to live outside the law, you must be honest."

You have reached launched over the Memorial Day Weekend - 2000.